Thursday, February 26, 2009

Economic Apocalypse, The Inconvenient Debt...

Between the Crooks in Banking, the Royal Corporate Chiefs in Manufacturing, the Mafiosos in Big Labor and the Corrupt and otherwise Intellectually Inadequate in Washington, Joe the Plumber Taxpayer is caught in the struggle and has now unwittingly assumed the duty to pay a bill he just cannot afford.
Here's Dilbert's take, dead accurate yet morbidly funny:

To take from Al Gore's scriptwriter's words: Global Warming is not a political issue its a moral one...

Well, that makes this is An Epic Immoral Financial Abuse to our Future Generations.

The USA-led Great Greenspan Depression of the Millennium has already inflicted great financial instability in the whole planet. People in far away countries, who have never heard of the US Federal Reserve System, not to mention its rulers, have literally been thrown into unemployment, poverty and hunger. In our own soil, families that have done everything right, have trained, worked, paid taxes and dutifully saved what's left, now see their nest eggs disappear into the Wall Street black hole.

Then they watch helplessly as their jobs evaporate along with their health care into an uncertain future and with no place to hide.

A must watch video for every person that will have to pay this bill.

Ron Paul has been dead on accurate with his predictions for over twenty years. The power of corporate lobbyists and Washington cronyism have prevented his message to be listened to.

Here is Ron Paul in a candid interview by CNN:

To date, no one has pointed fingers at the true culprits of this debacle: Greenspan's Federal Reserve.

Why is this gang of private bankers so untouchable?

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