Sunday, August 21, 2011

Victims of The Great Greenspan Depression of the Millennium

Millions of Americans' lives have been destroyed by The Great Greenspan Depression of The Millenium. What to most of us this is just another grim statistic in the news we read every day, takes a human form, a face in this interview with yet another victim of the financial carnage.

Watch this video of a homeless young man. He's 23; He is a college graduate who had a regular job and bright future before the Depression hit. Today, he joins tens of millions right here in our beloved country, who have found themselves homeless, not because of drug use, or because of some brain disease, dementia, unfortunate accident or other logical cause, but because of simply losing his job and being unable to find another one despite having the traditional skills. There just are not enough jobs left for all.

At the same time, the engineers of the current depression sit in Washington milking their way to their American Dream at the expense of these people. Alan Greenspan himself, despite failing catastrophically at most everything he did, today collects hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees for a single night... You may say that in our system, fame trumps competence and ability.

This is not an issue of Democrats or Republicans but of the majestic ineptitude and corruption that has infected Washington and the Federal Reserve.

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